Kathy has been a nudist all her life and a member of AANR since 1991.  For 24 years Kathy has supported her home club Mountain Air Ranch, in Colorado by serving as a member of the Board of Directors. She has assisted in writing and presenting proposals for MAR to state and county government offices to assure the clubs future.

Kathy has served on the AANR board for the past eight years and has served as Planning Chair, Strategic Planning Chair and a member of the Budget Committee, and is the current AANR President. Through Kathy’s direction the Planning Committee has tackled tough issues. The committee has discussed and worked on developing a better process for helping clubs that have dropped below minimum membership levels, and discussed increasing reimbursement for Trustee expenses. Most recently the committee developed Proposition Statement #2 to reduce the current Trustee numbers from from 14 to 7 members. As Strategic Planning Chair Kathy conducted a study to determine if AANR should sell the office property or continue to own the building. Through her leadership it was decided to maintain ownership which led to the remodel the AANR building.

She was awarded the President’s Meritorious Service Award in 2016 for her ability to complete projects she was assigned. She needs your vote for President to continue move AANR forward, protecting your nudist rights.